• saw dust pellet 1.1492526 std

Tapioca Residue Pellets are made from Tapioca Residue. Farmers collect wet tapioca residue from tapioca starch factories, dry them under the sunlight, and store them in a warehouse. The residue is ground into powder which is sieved through a sieve of different mesh size for different quality. The Tapioca Residue Powder is then compressed and formed into hard pellets. Finally, the pellets are packed in plastic bags.



Moisture: 14% Max

Starch 50% Min
Fiber: 14.5% Max
Sand and silica: 4% Max


Usage / Purpose:

Like Tapioca Residue Powder, Tapioca Residue Pellets contain reasonable level of starch and fiber, so they can be used for animal feeds. One of the advantages of Tapioca Residue Pellets over Tapioca Residue Powder is that they have a longer shelf life as they are harder for insects to consume.

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