To many companies, a customer is the boss of bosses but to PSAGRIMEX CORP, we respect and treat them as part of our own family. With the principal focus on not only quality but also services, we guarantee our customers absolute responsibility and reliability.


   Problems are naturally inevitable; they can happen any time and most of us are biologically programmed to defend ourselves first, rather than take the responsibility to face the challenge; we would instinctively, for the sake of our own survival, respond with all the things we can’t, won’t and don’t do.


   However, PSAGRIMEX CORP is trained to be different; we do not make excuses. We have the courage, responsibility, knowledge, and experience to deal with problems, preventing them from adversely affecting our invaluable customers.


   As in our Mission, we set our goal to become Vietnam’s leading manufacturer, processer, and exporter of agricultural products which are of top quality and service, and we believe this will help us earn great international reputation.


   With the slogan: “We don’t sell commodities, we sell solutions”, we listen and comprehend our customers to provide them with what they truly need. We are extremely proud to have earned the honor to be the supplier of many prestigious corporations such as Cargill, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, CJ Group, San Miguel Corporation, Pilmico Foods Corporation... 


   We would like to take this a chance to say Thank You Very Much to our invaluable customers who have been supporting our company. It is business associates like you who make our job a pleasure and keep our company successful. We promise ourselves that we would never ever forget to improve ourselves, so that our customers would never be disappointed for having trust in us.


   One more time, to our beloved customers, thank you very much. We are extremely grateful and feel so lucky that we have the chance to be one of your partners. We wish you happiness and prosperity, and hope that our partnership will never stop florishing.






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